Computer Game Programming

COSC 457

(MW 7:20-8:35 PH509)

Instructor: Matt Evett ; Dept. Computer Science; room 512E Pray-Harrold
Tel: 734-487-1227; e-mail:;
Office Hours: See my page for hours
I try to maintain an "open door policy": you are welcome to drop by at times other than office hours, and generally I'll be able to talk to you, but sometimes I may be too busy.


Programming Environment

This is a project-oriented, upper-division level course. We will be doing a lot of programming, primarily in Java. The department can provide you with Microsoft Visual C++, though any IDE will do, including Eclipse, etc.

Lecture Notes

  1. Gaming History
  2. The Allegro game engine.
  3. 2-D Graphics
  4. Arcade, bitmaps, sprites
  5. History
  6. Game Design Principles
  7. Game Design Process
  8. Game Production Timeline
  9. The Game Business
  10. Physics
  11. Collision Detection
  12. Interactive Drama
  13. AI in First-Person Shooters
  14. Ethics


Submitting assignments:

To submit assignments, go to In addition, you should hand in a hardcopy of your code, at the beginning of class on the due date.

The assignments:

  1. Game Review , due ?.
  2. Project Worm, due February 3
  3. Brief description of game concept., due ?.
  4. Game design document, due ?.
  5. Hoover-craft.
  6. Alpha-release demo of your team's game in class, ?.
  7. Final release demo of your team's game, in class, ?.