f Sunday May 4, 2008

Our first full day in Ecuador, we drive from Guayaquil to the coast. Along the way we stop at Serro Blanco for some birding.

Scrub Blackbird
Pacific Ovenbird
Tropical Gnatcatcher
Tropical Parula
Ecuadoran Ground Dove
Red Eyed Vireo
Ecuadorian Thrush
Blue Gray Tanager
Grey Cheeked Parakeet
Streak Headed Woodcreeper
Red Billed Scythbill
Fasciated Wren
Streaked Saltater
Tropical Kingbird
Groove Billed Ani
Common Ground Dove
Variable Seedeater
Sooty Crowned Flycatcher
Streak Headed Woodcreeper
Gray and Gold Warbler
Black and White Becard
Collared Ant Shrike
Streaked Flycatcher
Turkey Vulture
Great Green Macaw
Greenish Elenea
Rufous Browed Pepper Shrike
Yellow Rump Casique
Our guide in Serro Blanco was Carlos. Anyone remember the name of our driver (I do)? After Serro Blanco we continue to the coast. We saw:

Great Egret
Northern Crested Caracara

Punta Blanca (where we ate lunch by the beach)

Magnificent Frigatebird**
American Oystercatcher**
Brown Pelican**
Common Tern

On the way to Andaluz

Black Vulture
Spotted Sandpiper

And finally at Andaluz (where we spent two nights)

Masked Water Tyrant


                                                  Stream at Serro Blanco

                                Above: Uli finds a frog
                                Below: our guide Carlos

                                                 After lunch at Punta Blanca

                           Above and below: Andaluz


             Above: the lodge at Andaluz
             Below: it got much worse than shown in this picture


Monday May 5, 2008 Machalilla National Park

Ayampe (we were "trucked" about a mile or two down the road from Andaluz to a stream at about 6am. We hiked up the stream with a guide our Rene). We saw the following:

Spotted Woodcreeper
Ecuadorian Thrush
Yellow Tailed Oriole
White Tipped Dove
Lemon Rumped Tanager
Streaked Flycatcher**
Buff Throated Saltator
Blue Gray Tanager**
Guayaquil Woodpecker
Gray Breasted Martin
Red Masked Parakeet
Barrons Hermit
Pale Vented Pidgeon
Yellow Bellied Elaenia
Boat Billed Flycatcher
Ecuadorian Ground Dove**
Thick Billed Euphonia

Canta La Piedra (I think there is where we got the bus stuck in the river ??)

Scrub Blackbird**
Thick Billed Euphonia**
Black Cheeked Woodpecker
Ecuadorian Thrush**
Smoked Colored Pewee
Tropical Gnatcatcher**
Streaked Headed Woodcreeper**
Pale Vented Pidgeon**
Variable Seedeater**
House Wren
White Tipped Dove**
Tumbes Pewee
Tropical Gnatcatcher**
Southern Beardless Tyrranulet
Tropical Kingbird**
Smooth Billed Ani
Rufous Tailed Hummingbird

and back to Andaluz for the evening......

Long Tailed Mockingbird
Scrub Blackbird**
Groove Billed Ani**
Pacific Hornero

Left: Guide Rene with Bill

Tuesday May 6, 2008

Aguas Blancas (the "historic" village)

Long Tailed Mockingbird**
Fasciated Wren**
Blue Crowned Motmot
Spotted Woodcreeper*
Vermillion Flycatcher

and on the road back to Guayaquil......

Northern Crested Caracara
Snowy Egret
Great Egret**
Cattle Egret
Above: the historic village of Aguas Blancas
Below: Paul translates for the museum guide

Left: locals return with clean laundary in Aguas Blancas
Below: Blue Crowned Motmot