Well every good engineer knows that one breadboard the design before implementing. I'm not good engineer ; the folks in the group are! WE had a few design constraints in designing the ALU. First, we definitely wanted to etch the boards ourselves. So we were hoping for a relatively simple design. Second, we wanted everyone involved in prototyping and development. This led to the decision to make 4 4-bit ALUs and connect them in series to form a 16-bit ALU.

Noam    Noam Samuel (left) tests a design
Drew Benson and Brian Ward (right) discuss ALU design. Note the high-tech clothes iron used for transferring the design mask to the copper plate. Drew is our expert on FreePCB, the software used to design the circuit boards. Brian brings valuable real world job experience in circuit design and embedded systems to the team, as well as culinary expertise.  drew and brian
Chris Waszak (above) from far away Chicago applies her computing skills with a knowledge of Japanese to formulate a ripple adder.

               Matt Gates (right) is excited about breadboarding!