Operating System from Scratch
(Fall 2009/Winter 2010)

Dr. Michael Black from the Computer Science Department of American University presented this wonderful project at the SIGCSE 2009 meeting. Unfortunately, I could not attend, but did see the writeup in the Proceedings. I contacted him and he graciously provided all material. Briefly, he provides 5 graduated assignments to implement a fully functioning operating system that one writes (almost) from scratch. He *does* provide a simple bootloader; the rest is up to you. When the assignments are completed, one has a multitasking system!

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I have three really motivated students working on this (from left to right in left photo) Nathan Mentley, Nicholas Handran and Brian Johnson. Currently , we (actually they) have completed the 5 assignments, and we are contemplating future enhancements. Next on the list will be dynamic memory allocation , priority task switching and then virtual memory. Stay tuned!