; Nicole Arruda and Raj Nahamari
; April 2, 2014
; Microprocessors
; Grad presentation: timers and interrupts

; filename: using_timer_interrupts.asm

; This program demonstrates two of the PIC 16F628's timers and
; the use of timer interrupts to trigger events. Each timer
; controls the pulse modulation on one wheel of the Boebot.
; TMR0 controls the right wheel and alternates between a 20ms
; delay and a 1ms delay. TMR2 controls the left wheel and
; alternates between a 20ms delay and a 2ms delay.

; Since the wheels are controlled through an interrupt subroutine,
; the program body is free for other functionality.

	LIST	p=16F628		;tell assembler what chip we are using
	include "P16F628.inc"	;include the defaults for the chip

	__config 0x3D18			;sets the configuration settings

cblock 	0x20 		;start of general purpose registers

	; counter to toggle between 20ms and 1ms

	; counter to toggle between 20ms and 2ms


	; as usual, an interrupt sets the PC to 0x04
	org		0x00
	goto	main
	org		0x04
	goto	isr


	; turn comparators off (make it like a 16F84)
	movlw	0x07
	movwf	CMCON

	banksel	OPTION_REG

	;  bit 5 - enable TMR0
	;  bit 3 - assign prescaler to TMR0
	;  bits 2:0 - set prescaler to 1:128
	movlw	b'10000110'
	banksel	T2CON

	; in T2CON:
	; bits 6:3 - set postscaler to 1:8
	; bit 2 - turn TMR2 on
	; bits 1:0 - set prescaler to 1:16
	movlw	b'01110111'
	movwf	T2CON

	; enable TMR2 interrupt
	banksel	PIE1
	bsf		PIE1,TMR2IE

	; bit 7 - enable global interrupt (GIE)
	; bit 6 - enable peripheral interrupt
	; bit 5 - enable TMR0 interrupt
	movlw	b'11100000'
	movwf	INTCON

	bsf		STATUS,RP0	;bank 1
	movlw	b'00000000'
	movwf	TRISB		; portb is output
	movlw	b'11111000'
	movwf	TRISA		;porta is input
	bcf		STATUS,RP0	;return to bank 0

; Movement of the wheels is controlled entirely through
; interrupts, leaving our program body free to deal with
; the speaker implementation.
; RA1 has right wheel | RA2 has left wheel | RB3 has speaker

	clrf	controlR
	clrf	controlL
	; set RA1 low and start TMR0 at 100
	; (256 - 100) * 128 ~ 20,000Ás, or 20ms
	bcf		PORTA,1
	movlw	d'100'
	movwf	TMR0

	; TMR2 resets when it matches value in PR2
	; set PR2 to 156
	; 156 * 128 ~ 20,000Ás, or 20ms
	banksel	PR2
	movlw	d'156'
	movwf	PR2
	bcf		STATUS,RP0	; return to bank 0

	; set RA2 low
	bcf		PORTA,2


	; This is the main loop of the program. Anything
	; can go in here without disrupting or being
	; disrupted by the motion of the wheels.

	goto	loop

; isr
; Checks INTCON,2 (TMR0 flag) and PIR1,1 (TMR2 flag)
; to determine which threw the interrupt and calls
; appropriate subroutine.
	; check TMR0 interrupt flag
	btfsc	INTCON,2
	call Right_wheel

	; check TMR2 interrupt flag
	btfsc	PIR1,1
	call Left_wheel


; Right_wheel
; Toggles RA1 between low for 20ms and high for 1ms.
; Bit 0 of controlR is used as a flag.
	bcf		INTCON,2

	btfss	controlR,0
	bsf		PORTA,1
	btfsc	controlR,0
	bcf		PORTA,1

	; modify value in TMR0
	btfss	controlR,0
	movlw	d'248'
	btfsc	controlR,0
	movlw	d'100'

	movwf	TMR0

	; increment controlR (toggle "flag")
	incf	controlR


; Left_wheel
; Toggles RA2 between low for 20ms and high for 2ms.
; Bit 0 of controlL is used as a flag.
	bcf		PIR1,1

	btfss	controlL,0
	bsf		PORTA,2
	btfsc	controlL,0
	bcf		PORTA,2

	; modify value in PR2
	btfss	controlL,0
	movlw	d'16'
	btfsc	controlL,0
	movlw	d'156'

	banksel	PR2
	movwf	PR2
	bcf		STATUS,RP0

	; increment controlL (toggle "flag")
	incf	controlL