Final Project - Microprocessors

Required: you must build something that employs a device we have not talked about in class. I provide some ideas.

1) An obstacle avoiding robot. This would employ either a sonar detector or an infrared-detector. Sonar detetctors include Parallax Ping
or a Devantech models (like the SRF04) . I believe I have both of these models sitting around. Infrared sensors are made by Sharp; there are several models out there, for example see here. In general, you will want to do a google search on "infrared proximity sensor". The issue with using these sensors is that they provide analog output, so you will need to include an analog to digital conversion (ADC). This would impress me very much (ADC chips are not expensive and typically include SPI interfacing).

2) Remote control robot.
Control your robot with a TV remote control. We spoke about this in class. Have the robot go forward, reverse, turn left or right and stop. You would need a tuned IR sensor and IR LED. I have lots of these. You can either build your own transmitter, or use a TV remote of your own.

3) Robot with wheel encodes. Improve the navigation ability of your robot by counting wheel rotations. You might wish to google "phototransistor" or "interrupter transistor". You'll need to come up with a good demo of your robots new abilities.

4) Remote control robot with your smartphone. You will need to interface with a bluetooth receiver.

5) Digital Clock! Hook up a bunch of 7 segment leds, a Piezo speaker (?? google it!!) . But how does one set it ? Maybe with a 3 x 4
matrix input pad. See here . But careful! Do you have enough I/O pins ? I have a bunch of 40 pins PIC chips, but I don't know if they have internal clocks. No Matter, I also have a bunch of external oscillators and resonators.

6) A simple calculator. Similar to project 4) described above (with same issues). Have it do addition and subtraction.

Project 4 and 5 might employ an LCD display, but again, number of pins may be an issue.

7) (Internet of Things) Goto to the Parallax web site and find some cool looking sensor (like a thermistor, motion sensor, whatever). Or Spark Electronics . Next, look at Spark Electronics down the page under "Wireless". Create a simple remote sensor network. That is, your PIC is hooked up to a sensor, records data and sends it out wirelessly. It is received either on a smartphone (using bluetooth) or broadcast to a web site. Look at the Xbee/Zigbee chips and the link titled "WiFi". This project could get a little costly but opens up a whole new world of play and fun! Creat an entire network of these things. (Someone like to present at Symposium next year??).

These are some ideas, you are free to consider your own. Start thinking!! You will need to write up a project description and I must approve it.