Graduate Students - extra assignment

There are 6 grad student enrolled in this class; I am creating the following teams:

Team 1) Nicole Arruda/PrithviRaj Narahari - Timers and Timer Interrupts
Team 2) Mike Nitchie/Bharat Kumar Kuncharavelu - Using the Usart
Team 3) Alexander Martens/Lakshmi Innamuri - Using EEPROM

You should:
1) Give a lecture to the class demonstrating the topics given
2) Provide at least one program demonstrating the topic
3) Provide online documentation that will serve as a study guide. I will include these on the class web site.
4) Provide sample exam questions (4 or 5)

Presentation Dates:
Monday March 31
Wednesday April 2
Monday April 7

There will be an in class exam on this material on Monday April 14.