COSC 422
Homework will not be collected, but it is assumed you have done this assignment. This material will be covered on yout test on Wednesday March 18,
along with other material

Note1:       FIRST: Watch the VIDEO!!!!
Note2:       Yes, this material will be on exam of Wednesday March 18

1) Convert the following to an 8 bit signed integer

a) 123
b) -123
c) 65
d) -65

2) Does the following operations cause an overflow for 8-bit signed addition ? For all answers state the condition of the high order carry in bit and the high order carry out bit.

a) 110+45
b) 67+67
c) - 67 - -67
d) -3 -1

3) Implment the following in PIC 16F628 code:

If (Count1>Count2)
       call bigger
       call smaller
call xyz

Your program fragment must use the PIC16F628 subtraction command