COSC 311
Programming Assignment #2
PLEASE NOTE: this assignment was **redacted** on Monday October 8, 2011
Database with Double Ended Doubly Linked Lists

What to do:

We have discussed the details of this assignment in class. Basically, you are to repeat assignment #1 but change the underlying data structure to a double ended doubly-linked list. Data records should be added to the end of the main array (the database) and three double ended doubly linked lists should be maintained ; one each for the ID, LastName and FirstName. The linked lists should (of course) be maintained in order!!

You MUST use the driver program I have provided , and make some additions. Remember, you should NOT be permitted to add a record with a duplicate index number. You MUST implement all methods as I have indicated.

Printing out the data in forward order should use the "next" link in each node, printing out in reverse order should employ the "prev" link.


When printing out records, print out ALL fields (ID, first name and last name


You would do well to start on this program early