/* IMPORTANT. All of your programs should have the proper heading. The following should be how all your programs begin:

Name: <your name here>
Assignment Number: <put the assignment number here>
COSC 311 - Winter 2015


* This will be the main driver program for many of your programs. Specifically,
* you will need to define a data structure and related algorithms to use with this program.
* We will be using the data file I have provied for you: a file of 68 records. Each record is composed
* of three fields:
* String lastName
* String firstName
* String ID
* ID may be implemented as an integer, but it is easier to implement as a string. Both lastName and firstName
* may not be unique, but the ID **is** unique.
* @author Bill Sverdlik
* @version Version 1.0

/* Anything special you want the teacher to know? Are you asking for bonus points? Explain here.*/

import java.util.*;

public class COSC311Driver

public static void main(String[] args)
/*The following declaration declares a data structure that will change from one assignment to the next. For example, you will need to implement
* the following as a doubly linked list, as well as a tree.

DataBase d=new DataBase();
int response;
Scanner keyboard=new Scanner(System.in);

/* Read the data into the database from the external disk file here
* IMPORTANT: duplicate ID numbers should not be added. Disregard
* the entire record for duplicate IDs

System.out.println(" 1 Add a new student");
System.out.println(" 2 Delete a student");
System.out.println(" 3 Find a student by ID");
System.out.println(" 4 List students by ID increasing");
System.out.println(" 5 List students by first name increasing");
System.out.println(" 6 List students by last name increasing");
System.out.println(" 7 List students by ID decreasing");
System.out.println(" 8 List students by first name decreasing");
System.out.println(" 9 List students by last name decreasing");
System.out.println(" ");
System.out.println(" 0 End");


switch (response)
case 1: d.addIt(); //Note: if the user enters an ID already in use, issue a warning and return to the menu
case 2: d.deleteIt(); //Note: output either "Deleted" or "ID not Found" and return to menu
case 3: d.findIt(); //Note: output the entire record or the message "ID not Found" and return to menu
case 4: d.ListByIDAscending();
case 5: d.ListByFirstAscending();
case 6: d.ListByLastAscending();
case 7: d.ListByIDDescending();
case 8: d.ListByFirstDescending();
case 9: d.ListByLastDescending();

} while (response!=0);