Dr. William Sverdlik
Department of Computer Science
Eastern Michigan University
Ypsilanti , MI 48197 USA                                        

512D Pray-Harrold
Phone: 734-487-7081
e-mail: wsverdlik@emich.edu

Winter 2020

COSC 221 Computer Organization 1 (23310)
  MW 2:00-3:50pm (203 PH )     

COSC 311 Data Structures and Algorithms  (23331)
  MW 5:30-7:10pm 203 PH     

COSC 422/524 Intro to MIcroprocessors  (24718/24720)
  MW 10:00-11:50pm (503 PH)     

Office Hours:
MW 9:00-9:50,
MW 12:00-2:00,
W 4:30-5:30
MW after 7:10 (by appointment). Other times by appointment. Feel free to contact me if you need to meet at other times: I promise we will figure something out.

Work and fun web sites to visit:

TREADS - Text Reading and Summarization Systems  
    A web based tool for individuals with reading disabilities. Developed by students Nik Estep, Eric Schweller and myself.
Power Wheels Robot - Summer 2008
    What I did over the summer (with a little help from Erik and Viola Schweller and Mike Garrison). Preparing for the Robotics class in the fall semester.
Ecuador May 2008
    Amazing Trip!!  And students get credit for this!! Those guys in Biology sure have fun.
ReaLC-3 Group( Fall 2008-Winter 2009)
    EMU computer science students are building a computer!
Autonomous Robot developed in COSC 479/592 Fall 2008
    Video by Byron Heads, Aaron Schacht and Mike Garrison presented at Undergraduate Symposium 2009
Get Green! Watch electricity production from solar panels on top of the Ypsilanti Food Coop in real time (Winter 2009)
    Nik Estep and I  develop web site for Dave Strenski on this really cool project (Nik did most of the work....I watched a lot)
Read about Estep and Sverdlik here
    FLASH! Google discovers Solar Ypsi software and features it in a video!
Operating Systems from Scratch
    Ambitious students create the next Linux (almost) - Nathan Mentley, Nicholas Handran, Brian Johnson
Experiments with Multi-Core Processors
    Eight cores are better than one, as Raden Tonev demonstrates
He said what ?? Those EMU professors.........
Character Recognition with Hidden Markov Models
    Anthony Dipirro and Ji Mei write program to recognize Chinese characters!


Here are some really good computer related links (and people I really like to read!!!):

Jon Kleinberg - HITS algorithm, web search, social networks  
Lillian Lee - Computational linguistics
Brian Davison - Web search, machine learning
Andrew Moore - These are the best tutorials on Machine Learning and Data Mining around!
Dragomir Radev - Text summarization
Lada Adamic - Social networks, blogspace structure and other cool stuff
Tom Mitchell - AI, Machine Learning
Web Research at Carnegie Mellon - Tom Mitchell's research group
Information Dynamics Lab - at HP
Dave Cook - Sorry, I couldn't resist. Cool page for robot hobbyists!
Seattle Robotics Society - One of the better robot clubs around
Robotics at Stanford University


Masters Students: A Guide to Writing an Essay or Thesis
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