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Susan Makrouhee Haynes' list of books that are in arm's reach

Books that are not loaned out. Ever.
Kohavi Switching and Finite Automata Theory
Kernighan & Ritchie The C Programming Language
Stevens UNIX Network Programming, volumes 1-2
Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, Stein Introduction to Algorithms
Leighton Introduction to Parallel Algorithms and Architectures:
Arrays, Trees, Hypercubes
Knuth Art of Computer Programming, volumes 1 - 4
Press, Teukolsky, Vetterling, Flannery Numerical Recipes: The Art of Scientific Computing
Abelson & Sussman Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Feynman, Hey, Allen Feynman Lectures on Computation.
Bentley Programming Pearls and More Programming Pearls
Strunk & White The Elements of Style
King & Skakoon The Unwritten Laws of Engineering
Lewis Carroll Through the Looking Glass
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Books that I should not have loaned out. Curse it!
Kohavi Switching and Finite Automata Theory Thanks to student Eddie Gurnee for buying me a replacement (current edition copy)
Eddie: you have managed to crack the top-10 favorite students list. :-) Thanks!

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