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  1. Animania : UofM Ann Arbor Anime Group
  2. Skunkboy's Stuff
  3. Online Comics to Rot Your Brain with
  4. reading material?
  5. AA Library books?
  6. Mysteries of Scifi/Fantasy
  7. English to Japanse dictionary
  8. Friends of AAPL bookshop
  9. Zythophile
  10. Homebrewing
  11. AABG
  12. Michigan Beer Guid
  13. brewing stuff
  14. my pgp key
  15. Lowering the Bar
  17. KeeptheJointRunning
  18. Washtenaw, MI food inspections
  19. urbandetroitprairie
  20. Boke of Gode Cookery Recipes
  21. Lasagna
  22. MarkMaynard
  23. YpsiMealsonWheals
  24. FoodGatherers

Mr. Muties Favorite Graphic Artists

  1. Phil Foglio art references. ;-)
  2. Mike Kazaleh art references.
  3. Stan Sakai!
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