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To use imagemaps you need to do three things. Create an html file which will display the imagemap. Create the image, and map the points you wish to use to map on it. Then finally you need to create the map file with the points you have located, and the pages you wish those locations on the image to take you to. The map file should end with either a ".map" or ".conf" extension.

The following is the type of directive you will have to use to load the image which the user will click on.

<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="rise.gif" ISMAP BORDER=4></A>

The following are the type of imagemap directives which can go into the imagemap file.

default Directive 
The action taken if the coordinates given do not fit any of the poly, circle or rect directives, and there are no point directives. Defaults to nocontent in the absence of an ImapDefault configuration setting, causing a status code of 204 No Content to be returned. The client should keep the same page displayed.
poly Directive 
Takes three to one-hundred points, and is obeyed if the user selected coordinates fall within the polygon defined by these points.
Takes the center coordinates of a circle and a point on the circle. Is obeyed if the user selected point is with the circle.
rect Directive 
Takes the coordinates of two opposing corners of a rectangle. Obeyed if the point selected is within this rectangle.

An example imagemap file.

rect 19,13 246,97 
circle 146,154 40 
poly 39,204 40,249 44,250 160,267 223,233 

last updated 28 August 2000
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