How to setup your emunix account's web files.

  1. cd : (make sure you are in your home directory.
  2. mkdir public_html : (create the web directory)
  3. chmod a+rx public_html : (set proper protections for web directory)
  4. chmod a+x . : (set proper protections for home directory)
  5. You then want to put your web pages into the "public_html" subdirectory.

The url for your page will be

Solutions for problems you might encounter.

Shows a directory listing and not your main web page.
You need to make sure you main web page is named "index.html".

It says that a page is FORBIDEN.
You will need to set the proper protections on that file. chmod a+r filename

Your images which you moved onto emunix are corrupted.
You need to be sure to transfer them as raw data, or binary mode, with whatever ftp type software you are using to transer them.

A page is not being displayed as the correct type (aka html, jpg, etc).
You should make sure that it has the proper extionsion. "htm or html" for html. "jpg or jpeg" for jpg. Here is the list of our currently defined mime types.

last updated July 25, 2002
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